Friday, 10 August 2007

Photos from session in Feedback

A lot of legendary sound has been recorded between the wood grains in the Feedback studio in Århus; Gnags, Thomas Helmig, De Nattergale, TV2, Bamse and Zamfir, but also a bit more, should we say, 'modern' artists: Under Byen, Peter Sommer and Carpark North.
Us With Millions is joining this list of legendary Danish bands, as we are in the progress of recording new material in Feedback these days. We've hooked up with producer Lasse Lakken, with whom we've done some serious rockin' shit the last days. Up next is dubs, then mix, and finally mastering. Anyhow; here's a couple of snapshots from the first session in Feedback last week. Enjoy:

Martin is laying down the cue-bass...

... and doing some minor adjustments with Lasse afterwards. The bass is pumping this time.

Bo cought in a moment of bliss.

Jeppe is laying down those toe-tapping drum-tracks. What really gets his dick hard, is when the drum goes boom-boom, as one Lars Ulrich once said.

Bo in fromt of the amps used for the guitar-recordings. His eyes are saying: "Try and outdo this!".

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